Conservatory Conversions

Conservatory Conversion
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Improves energy performance
  • Warmer in winter
  • Cooler in summer
  • Reduces rain noise significantly
  • Improves air-tightness
  • Slim profile, little loss of ceiling height

SuperFoil Sf19 & SF40 are multi-layer foil insulations and are ideal for converting your conservatory into a year round usable room. Can also be used to insulate in other aras, including walls and ceilings. Consisting multiple layers of reflective foil, thermo foam seperation layers and topped with a PE layer. Superfoil reflects heat back into the room, at the same time improving airtightness and resisting the passage of moisture.

Simple, quick and effective to convert your conservatory, contact us for more information on how to convert your conservatory?

Download Links: SF19 Installation NotesSF19 Key Features

You can purchase SF19 online here.

Download Links: SF40 Installation NotesSF40 Key Features

You can purchase SF40 online here.